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What You Should Know About Floating Sensory Deprivation

Floating is ideal if you want to relax. It offers a peaceful feeling regardless of if you are in a pool, beach or lake. Floating is increasingly becoming a health and wellness trend. It has led to a term known as floating sensory deprivation. Basically one is put in a room and gets submerged in salty water. It happens in a silent and dark room. The trend is a simple one and provides a unique experience. Floating sensory deprivation has a lot of benefits. It offers your body a healing experience. It also helps reduce stress. Read on to know more about floating sensory deprivation.

The first floating sensory deprivation tank was installed in 1954by Jon C Lilly. He is a scientist who did research on hallucinogens. He alleviated senses through healing mental ailments. He experimented in a float tank when taking LSD and ketamine. It proved that even in the absence of a hypothesis, the experiment was successful. Lilly’s idea was improved by modern researchers.
Sensory deprivation floating starts by getting into a float tank. You will find places that have a float pod and a float cabin. Floating helps reduce external stimuli. Also, the body gets to rest on saltwater that is a non-concrete surface. An average tank holds about 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. Saltwater is denser in comparison to fresh water. It help you to float instead of sinking.

Water temperature is another factor to consider. It needs to be equivalent to skin surface. It helps deprive your sense of touch. The tank is soundproof and completely dark which limits your hearing. You won’t get consumed by stimuli. Your physical and mental being will get relaxed.

There are set requirements when it comes to floating. It is so if you have a medical condition. It is advisable you talk to your doctor if you have allergies to magnesium or salt, asthma, low blood pressure or disability. Keep in mind that if you suffer from schizophrenia or epilepsy, you cannot float.
There are age restrictions put in place. You need approval from the floating center and your parent or guardian if you are below 16. Most floating centers encourage pregnant women to float. However, it is wise you talk to the floating center or your doctor regarding this.

Floating offers many health and mental advantages. Everyone has a different experience. Some benefits are stress elimination, relaxation and meditation. You can get rid of your troubles through floating sensory deprivation. You get to help your body by relieving stress. After the session, you are left feeling relaxed and recharged.

Research to know floating centers that are within your locality. Make sure they are experts. Go through online reviews to learn from other clients. You can also ask your friends who have done floating before to provide recommendations.