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This small but wonderful museum is a treasure in Elgin, Illinois. It is located in a beautiful 108-acre park called Lords Park. You will definitely want to spend time at Lord’s Park after your visit to the Elgin Public Museum! It is so fun to pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic under the huge oak trees. You can even visit the bison and elk at the zoo. There are playgrounds, nature trails, basketball courts, pools and ponds. Baby farm animals are in the zoo Memorial Day through Labor Day. Zoo hours are 10 am to 5 pm during the summer months. Parking is free.

The show, sponsored by Augie’s Center for Western Studies, is held in the holiday inn Centre downtown, with 26 different artists from South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana and Wyoming.

Water Club – This beach front condominium sits near the south end of the island. This building was constructed in 1996 and the units are very large providing great water views.

You can get coupon codes for discounts at KMart, Target, Kohl’s, and more. There is one for free shipping at ToysRUs, which would help Santa a bunch, wouldn’t it? You can download a toolbar that actually does all the work for you, matching the appropriate coupon codes to the sites you are shopping on in real time.

So here’s my advice, think of your romance like a fire. When a fire starts to go out what do you do? You add more wood. Right? Right. In this case you add more romance. More passion. A great place to start is Fredricks of Hollywood or Victoria’s Secret. Sexy lingerie can do both of you a world of good. Take him with you and model it for him before you buy. It’s his own private fashion show. Or with the camera feature on most cell phones, take a picture and send it while you in the dressing room. Now, that’s how you get a party started. Then he can text back, how he can’t wait to see you in that out fit, only in red. Oh, wee!!

Centino also lost his cool after a female caller accused him of being flamboyant and profiting off of what allegedly happened to him. The caller also questioned his sexual preferences, his appearance and whether or not he had really been raped. She said that instead of writing a book he should be going to churches if he had a story to tell.

Like Bed and Breakfasts? There are several all within walking distance to Park City’s Main Street, the center of town and evening entertainment. Bed and Breakfast’s are the best choice if you will be skiing at the Park City Resort and prefer this style of lodging. Some of the popular B&Bs include the washington School Inn, the Old Town Guest house and the Woodside Inn.